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The Common Home-Based Pregnancy Tests


There comes a time when a woman starts to notice some pregnancy related signs in their bodies. It is in such a time that they are hit with thoughts that they could be pregnant, and the next thing is to take a test to confirm their suspicion. Unfortunately, it is very hard to visit a specialist every time you either show pregnancy signs or miss a period. On the other hand, there are women who either feel shy or are afraid of going to the chemist to purchase pregnancy test kits. In such situations, the women can opt to take the tests at home with locally available substances.

Luckily, taking homemade pregnancy tests is fast and easy. In the case of a positive result, you can go to a doctor to have a blood test done. The good thing, however, is that home based pregnancy tests have an accuracy rating of about 99%, and this makes them considerably reliable. This practice of testing for pregnancy using home based substances has been in use since the ancient times. And as things stand, the practice is not about to stop anytime soon. For more information on home made pregnancy tests, visit 1. https://plus.google.com/102763705822449430009.

The common home made pregnancy tests

How do home-based pregnancy tests work?

Just like most modern pregnancy tests, home based tests detect a hormone known as HCG. This hormone is released by the placenta immediately after a woman conceives. The amount of HCG released increases with time, and this enables it to be detected in either urine or blood. Most home-based pregnancy tests are designed to detect the hormone in urine.


Which methods are these?

Toothpaste test

Toothpaste test is one of the most popular home-based pregnancy tests. Here, you are required to mix toothpaste and urine and wait for some time. And if you either notice froth coming out or the mixture turning to blue then, you are likely to be pregnant.

Bleach test

The next home based pregnancy test is the use of bleach. You should mix bleach with your urine sample, and if you either notice fizzing or foaming then, the results are likely to be positive. However, it is advisable to carry out this test in a well-ventilated place.

The use of Dandelion leaves

The use of dandelion leaves is one of the most popular homes based pregnancy tests in use today. You should submerge these leaves in your urine and place them away from the sun. This is because Sunlight can affect the results of the test. If you notice some reddish spots on the leaves then, you are likely to be pregnant.

Pine sol test

Pine sol is a popular cleaning agent that can kill bacteria. All you have to do is to mix a considerable amount of pine sol with your urine before waiting for some time. If you notice a change of color that would highly indicate some positive results.



Home based pregnancy tests have for a long time been use to tell whether a woman is pregnant or not. However, they are not 100% reliable as there could be errors here and there. It is, therefore, advisable to confirm pregnancy by either taking a blood test at the hospital or by using a pregnancy test kit from local chemists.